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15100 Cedar Ave Ste 203, Apple Valley MN 55124-3403

Delivery within 5 miles. Call us if you need it for farther destination.

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I am the true egg roll king.
Title: 2021/5/5 14:50:33
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Title: 2021/5/4 22:09:29
Just something to consider: I am writing a comment here and there is no filter or review. Any positive or negative comments could be made in bad faith. Anyone could say anything and there would be no way to validate their statements as true.
Title: 2021/2/12 7:49:04
My mom and husband got salmanila food poisoning from your restaurant. They both had chicken. My husband missed three days of work...We have been your customers for years. Never again - and I am so sad; and mad.
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