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Tel.: 952-431-2233

Fax: 952-431-3588

15100 Cedar Ave Ste 203, Apple Valley MN 55124-3403

Delivery within 5 miles. Call us if you need it for farther destination.

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Open 6 Days A Week

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Title: 2021/5/5 14:31:57
Title: 2021/5/4 22:09:29
Just something to consider: I am writing a comment here and there is no filter or review. Any positive or negative comments could be made in bad faith. Anyone could say anything and there would be no way to validate their statements as true.
Title: 2021/5/25 12:34:22
We’ve enjoyed your food for years! It’s so nice to have a good Chinese restaurant in Apple Valley. You are all so friendly and I hope to enjoy your food for years to come!!
Title: 2021/2/12 7:49:04
My mom and husband got salmanila food poisoning from your restaurant. They both had chicken. My husband missed three days of work...We have been your customers for years. Never again - and I am so sad; and mad.
Title: 2021/1/3 18:58:47
great awesome food you got there also, can i get weekly coupons for me each time i order in the future??
Title: 2021/1/17 17:04:15
I order two cream puffs order 6 + 6 And you only gave me 8 puffs and you still charged me for two orders.
Title: 2020/7/25 18:46:57
Excellent service again, they said 45.mins, more like 25. I cannot find a dinner like this for 20 bucks or under. A great store. Thank you
Title: 2020/5/23 9:55:36
Are there any gluten free options? I can’t find a nutritional guide anywhere on line
Title: 2020/5/14 15:20:34
you should fix your web site. Also wish you were delivering ?????
Title: 2020/4/6 11:28:33
Hi guys, I've been trying to reach out to you to help set you up with free online ordering through your website/FB Page. My company is letting any restaurant use this platform free for 3 months to help get you through these uncertain times. Nothing to buy...not a sales call. This is genuine support for the industry that has supported us. 651-442-1902 or
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